'Profit One' - documentation. Introduction.


The application is designed for maintaining accounting and analysis of current activities both at a small enterprise and at an individual entrepreneur, and for personal funds accounting. Provided timely entering the data about movement of commodities, moneys and fixed assets (property), the application will allow seeing changes of the balance in real time being and aware whether you are in profit or loss.

Abilities of the current version of the application:

  • Accounting of interrelations with suppliers/customers;
  • Accounting of commodities at warehouses;
  • Accounting of finances;
  • Accounting of expenditures;
  • Accounting of interrelations with employees;
  • Accounting and deterioration of fixes assets;
  • Reports on realization of commodities/services for a period in aspect of commodities, contractors, employees;
  • Report on contractors;
  • Report on accounts;
  • Report on expenditures;
  • Dynamics of change of basic factors of activity and many others…

By means of such services as Dropbox or Copy you can have access to your database from various computers – to begin working with the base at home and to go on at work.

IMPORTANT! To ensure safety of data, you have to periodically make a copy of the base.

As the application database is just one file, it is not difficult to make a copy of this file from time to time and save in on one or multiple safe places. A path to the database file can be seen in “Management of Projects” window.

Management of projects window (Mac)

Management of projects (Win)