Profit One - way to simplify everyday tasks in small business

Profit One

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You will not need tables anymore. It’s hard to believe but that is true.

Profit One will help you to get rid of dozens of files, records in grossbuchs or other obsolete means of storing data. All the data necessary for control is kept at one place. It is systemized, sorted and ready to be reviewed.


Access to data from different devices. Versions for Windows, Mac and, in perspective, for Linux, Android and iOS.

Work with one database from various devices and operating systems can be accessible. You can begin to work at home and to continue at work. A business trip, a vacation – no problem: your data are always accessible to you.

Receipt from Contractor

Simple and inexpensive. It is accessible to anybody, and anybody can manage it.

You don’t need to possess special knowledge in order to use the application. You don’t need to have an experienced administrator for installing and customizing. Just download, start and begin to work. The price is quite moderate. No monthly subscription payments.

Report on Contractor

Management means analysis. Reports are things which transmit the status.

Integrated typical reports allow seeing the picture in whole and singling out bottlenecks, planning variants of optimization of processes and enhancing business efficiency in general.

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