Development applications and services for small enterprise or sole trader/self-employed businesses

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We (Bitnic LLC) are engaged into software engineering. Desktop applications, mobile applications, and internet services – this is the sphere of our interests and competence. We like our scope of business and we try to create applications which are most convenient in use and functionally saturated. Computer are created to make our life easier, automatize routine tasks, give us time for creation and entertainment, and software is the very element which is responsible for a final result of automation process as a whole. And we, with our applications, strive to save you some of your time for full-sized life!

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Universal solutions for small business

There are a lot of typical tasks which face each businessman. Universal applications are destined for solving these tasks. Profit One is a universal application for accounting and analysis at a small enterprise or sole trader/self-employed businesses. Profit One will help you to control the status of your business in real time. The application does not solve issues of bookkeeping accounting but is always knows clearly where you are at the moment, what is on with your business, whether you have profits or losses, who, how many and for what owes to you, and to whom you owe. All necessary data for making managerial solutions is concentrated in one place and is available for analysis in this or that aspect.

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Development of special solutions

Quite frequently companies occur to have a special software developed which would be focused on a certain business or production process. We will help you to automatize as many processes as possible.

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We don’t think that we know best of all how to make business. So, your opinion is of high importance for us. We are ready to implement in our applications the functional which is most needed to you as to a final user. Moreover, at the forum you will be able to find answers to questions related to operation of this or that application, to tell about detected drawbacks and just to communicate with each other.

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